I’m Clear. I’m a story lover.

It all started when I was very little, when my parents used to read me stories from all over the world every day. Fairy tales of Anderson, Brother Grimm, Aesop’s Fables, stories from One Thousand and One Nights, and fables from China, composed my childhood dreams. “Cultural differences” never existed in those stories. My parents never labled these stories with country or cultural marks. This has made me believe, that there should be no barrier in understanding among people, as long as we share our stories on a “human” level.

Today, I’ve become a storyteller myself. I still love to read, listen, and watch stories from all over the world. But I’m also a creator of stories. I write. I photograph. I film. My work mostly remain private, for what I’ve done so far is for me only – for the little story lover who dreamed of listening and telling stories forever and ever, the little Clear who could not sleep without a story twenty years ago.

But remaining private has made me feel lonely. That’s why I will start to share my work, my thoughts, and my universe with any soul who might echo.

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